Here you can download your copy of Wiatrack Pro or Wiatrack.

Wiatrack Pro 0.5.42

You can try the app at no charge for 30 days.

Important: in objects settings in Wialon please use object type “Wiatrack Pro”, and not “Wiatrack”!

Download Wiatrack Pro 0.5.42 (16.12.2016)

If you want to test the new beta: Wiatrack Pro 0.5.46 (31.01.2019)


Changes in 0.5.42

  • If no points were received from GPS receiver after 5 minutes – service will be restarted
  • DOST (philippine government protocol) extension
  • size of buttons on messages tab changed
  • small bugfixes

Wiatrack 0.6.1

Download the latest version of Wiatrack from Android Market (link for Android-based mobile devices)

Also you can download Wiatrack from this website :

Download Wiatrack 0.6.1 (31.03.2014)


Changes in 0.6.1

  • fixed wrong timestamp for messages from blackbox

Older releases

Wiatrack Pro 0.5.38 (27.05.2015)