Wiatrack Pro

Wiatrack Pro is a professional GPS-tracker for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) based on Android platform, which sends data about object’s geographical location to a monitoring service.

In addition to this core tracker functionality, Wiatrack Pro offers the following features:

  • send and receive text messages through GPRS, i.e. almost for free.
  • Wiatrack Pro allows to send to the server several values of status parameter (e.g., “Occupied”/”Vacant”/”Pause”). Parameter’s name, type and its possible values are fully customizable.
  • send photos to the server
  • integrated SOS button
  • connected navigation with Google Maps, CityGuide, Yandex.Maps and Shturmann
  • possiblity to protect starting and stopping by a password
  • settings can be protected by password too
  • possibility to resend the track, that was not sent in the previous session
  • automatically start or stop the tracking service on several events like
    • the service can be started at boot
    • the service can be started and stopped after a special-formed SMS is received
    • the service can be started on power connect and stopped on power disconnect
    • the service can be started on dock insert and stopped on dock remove
  • remote configuration and remote control through text messages or SMS
  • tracker control from other apps with intents

Supported monitoring services

You can use Wiatrack Pro with the following monitoring services:

If your service is not listed here – contact us. Together we can find a solution!

How to buy

Feel free to ask us for quotes. Simply send us an e-mail.

White-labeling and customization

You are an integrator or developer of a monitoring service and you want to distribute Wiatrack Pro under your own trade mark? Simply ask us! We would be glad to realize all your wishes! Integration of your logo, app name, texts… If you need some specific functionality, communication protocol, new module or connection to the external equipment we are ready to customize the tracker accordantly with your specification.

Everything is possible!